CLC Church Invites


A church needed to expand its reach within a demographic. It intended to create something as a souvenir during outreaches and  one-on-one meetings with potential members .

We know handbills & fliers have a very short time span and will be thrown away seconds later, keyholders, mugs and jotters were generic and expected, we had to create something that anyone would keep, flaunt and would serve as reminders.

The demographic was classified into four categories: SME owners, 9-5ers, students and the older conservative. Messages that resonate with the classes were illustrated and printed as plastic invites, the size of an easy wallet fitting ATM card. The card would get your attention at least twice a day.

Church population increased by over 200% in 6 weeks.


A book authored by the church pastor, Muyiwa Areo was also published by GetUpInc. See it here.