GetUpInc is Africa's leading creative strategy company, where a bunch of creative millennials make things work. GetUpInc focuses on bringing abstract ideas into interactive visuals. The 2-year old company has consulted for diverse top African organizations in sectors such as Real Estate, Finance, Quick Service Restaurant, Religious organizations and Music/Entertainment.
A major characteristic of GetUpInc is its collection of arguably, Africa's most ingenious Millennial, who continually, uncover ways of creating and executing novel paths.


Our team develops visual identities & campaign strategies for businesses, organizations and clients across Africa. One thing unites us: love for art, poetry, good thinking, intelligent conversations, fine music, winning hearts, subtle adventure, and the huge desire to make our clients work better with their brands.



Onyinye Obienu
Content Strategist
Expressionist, recovering art hoarder
Content Strategist
Alex Abooma
Content Strategist
Artistic, lover of vegetable soup
Business Analyst
Oris Fagbenle
Business Developer
Country music, art enthusiast
Graphic Designer
Damian Okafor
Graphics Designer
Poetry, books and solitude
Tomi Wale
Creative Director
Well-arranged music & a rainy day
Diran Adelekun
Creative Strategist
Abnormal psychology

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